Design a business that feels like YOU, and supports the FREEDOM
you need to live life on YOUR terms.
Create Your Laptop Life is a mentorship, coaching, and skill development network designed to give you the support, toolsstrategy, and opportunities you need to develop {or grow} a profitable freelance or digital marketing business.
What if every day you could wake up,
roll out of bed, and, when you’re ready to work, take your...

hot cup of coffee...
green smoothie...
hot fudge sundae...
over to an organized workspace with all of your favorite things.
Everything you need is organized and easy to find.

And it’s only steps away.  

You’ve left break rooms and sterile office buildings behind. 
 You take breaks at your favorite...
overlooking your favorite city scene,
or on your back deck with a good book.

You’re working every day where you want and when you want
in a business that you designed yourself.

On your own terms. 
You can have that...
and it can be sooner than you think.
We DO NOT want that for you.
Let's say NO to wasted investments, rabbit trails, or teary nights wondering what on Earth made you decide to start a business.
This is WHAT you can have. We have it ourselves {more on us later}, and have helped many women just like you...accomplish the same.
Who CYLL is for...
{that's our fancy acronym btw}
Keep in mind, you can ALREADY be in business, or wanna be :)
Artists & Illustrators
Executive & Admin Assistants
Writers & Bloggers
IT Help & Geeky Coders
DIY Business Owners
Online Business Managers
Web Designers
Virtual Assistants
Graphic Designers
Coaches & Consultants wanting to DIY their marketing
Social Media Managers
Business Strategists
{and many see results MUCH faster}
A fully functioning business
{that's organized and efficient}
1. A new {or updated} website and social media presence.
2. Organized financial tracking so you're not crying at tax time.
3. Tools & systems for getting sh*t done.
4. Contracts & templates for questionnaires, emails, etc.
5. Invoicing system without having to hassle people for money.
6. Streamlined project management process.
Services that excite you
{and are in hot demand}
1. A clear niche & mission that you feel passionate about.
2. Easy-to-sell offers that are clear, simple to understand, and in demand.
3. A unique & memorable brand that helps you stand out.
4. An understanding of how much to charge {no more poor starving artist}.
5. Streamlined onboarding for new clients.
6. Guidance on subcontracting or working with team.

Client Strategy + Growth
{to get clients that are willing to pay!}
1. Mindsets for successful lead generation.
2. Strategies for networking in groups on Facebook.
3. Gaining referrals & testimonials from previous clients.
4. Using your new CYLL network to get new leads & support.
5. A plan for following up on new leads so you aren't in feast or famine.
6. How to close deals on the phone and feel comfortable selling.

All without...
Paying $10-$40,000 a year for another degree
Waiting 2 – 4 years to get started
Driving to far away training sessions
Leaving your job before you’re ready
Having to google every darn thing you have to do
Signing with a coach that only gets you halfway there

All the juicy details about CYLL
{and there are LOTS}
We give you four modules of business building foundations, including help with planning, setup, systems, pricing, contracts, proposals, onboarding, and client relations. These are specific to people in the service industry.
Ongoing training in online marketing skills in demand including WordPress, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Web Design, Sales Funnels, and Facebook Ads. More classes are added monthly, and focus on digital marketing services & development.
Weekly live group coaching and support, plus a private Facebook group and a special placement in a small focus group for ongoing accountability, networking, and support. Seriously, one of the best places on the Internet!
In 2017, one of CYLL's missions is to create a matching program where business owners can find and connect with a Virtual Assistant or Freelancer in our network. If you need a digital marketer or you want to become one, this is the place to do it.
Need to hear no more? Ready to go? Click below to...
Get your business started or take it to the next level with an inventory of your skills and experience. We’ll help smash through common mindset barriers that plague freelancers so you’ll be ready to get started designing the business you really want.
  • Your Mindset
  • Your Schedule & Office Plan
  • Your Mad Skillz
  • Your Ideal Client
  • Your Business Goals & Offers
  • Your Message
  • Your Brand
Set up all the systems you need to keep your business humming and to keep you in control. We'll give you tools & instruction you need to setup your own website {or make it better} as well as procedures for invoicing, bookkeeping, contracts, scheduling, hiring and more.
  • Intro to your website
  • Wowing potential clients with your brand
  • Customized pages for freelancers
  • CRMs & proposals
  • Setting up  your bookkeeping
  • Contracts & Questionnaires
  • Prepared for tax time!
Take the mystery out of online advertising and brandingLearn how to respond to Requests for Proposals and make more money in less time with better phone sales techniques. We’ll show you effective networking techniques to multiply clients for both you and your colleagues ... and put them into practice right away within the group.  
  • Marketing mindsets to master
  • Finding clients on social media
  • Finding clients via RFP
  • Advertising & sales funnels for the freelancer
  • Selling yourself with confidence
  • Marketing in in-person events
  • How to tell a good client from a bad one
Impress your clients with professional proposals and work agreements that are personally branded and ready to use. We'll go over typical client issues freelancers face, as well as solutions to ensure your happy clients will lead to great reviews. We'll also work on project management, plus expectations and boundaries any freelancer needs working from home! 
  • Signing and working with clients
  • Building your network
  • Time management & staying organized
  • Customer service
  • Offboarding and referrals
  • Client issues {and how to fix them}
  • Special considerations for particular industries
Over ten hours of training on launches, webinar funnels, membership funnels, Facebook ads, proposals for clients, and the stuff you need to know to build fantastic sales funnels that get results for your clients!

Five hours of training on Facebook Ads for freelancers, including how to price your services, get experience as a new strategist, and the A-Z overview of exactly how to run ads. You'll walk away from this course ready for a client guaranteed.
Dial down the overwhelmed and learn WordPress fast in 10 simple no-nonsense lessons. Also included: a tutorial on publishing kick-ass blog posts!
Everything you need to master Mailchimp for your business {or your clients business!} + Several webinar replays on newsletter design and more.
This flagship course by expert web designer Julie Stoian is enough to get you building your own site...OR...use it to become a designer yourself. Entrepreneurs use this course not just to build their own site, but to train on how to become a web designer who can find clients and begin charging between $500-$1200 per site.
Everything you need to master ConvertKit for your business {or your clients business!} Included is nurture sequence welcome strategy as well.

Webinar Bootcamp is coming February 16th, 2017! You'll get to participate live if you're a member by this date. Everything will be stored in the CYLL library.
Clickfunnels for website design is launching February 3rd, 2017. You'll get to participate live if you're a member by this date. Everything will be stored in the CYLL library.
You don't have to "go it" alone!
Once a week, we get online and have a power-packed hour long group coaching session. These are a combination of strategy, teaching, and live Q&A to help you with your most urgent problems and questions as you get started. Our goal in the coaching is to inspire, motivate, encourage, and of course, fill you with the right mindsets & strategies for success.
Our exclusive private Facebook community
All current and past students will have lifetime access to our private Facebook group, where we'll provide weekly office hours, plus checkins, challenges, and networking support.

Have a needy client? Pop in the group and vent away!
Need a skill for a job that you don't have? Ask your colleagues for help.
PODS: Small Focus Groups for Kick Ass Accountability
As a part of CYLL, we offer you the option to meet weekly with a small cohort of members. This allows you to make deeper connections, get accountability, and work through common client issues that might be plaguing you. Pods are conducted with a leader and a small group of no more than ten. It's done through our license with GoTo Meeting.
1x a Month VIP Coaching Opportunity
We don't currently offer 1:1 coaching to VAs, with the exception of one Friday a month, when we offer 60 minute private calls for 50% off our normal consulting rate. This is only available to CYLL members, and it's a great way to take advantage of a 1:1 opportunity without the price tag!

and, yes...there's more....
It's not a complete program until we equip you with certain skills & templates
we KNOW you'll need in order to market your business online.
So we've added additional programs on mindset, money, Facebook marketing, and more.
A 30 day bootcamp to help freelancers who need work FAST.
Calculators, proposals, contract templates, spreadsheets, and other time-saving tools we use everyday.
A full course dedicated to the art and science of FINDING clients on Facebook, with special guest Miranda!
Coming even more in 2017, we're offering members access to Sandbox accounts to learn popular software.
Webinars and FB live streams recorded on mindset, time management, and the freelance lifestyle mindset.
Six foundations to a fail-proof lifestyle business. Tackle expectations, money, time, relationships, and client relations.
If you'd like to see EVERYTHING we have in CYLL, you can check out our Master Table of Contents. It is FULL of information about our courses and lectures!
It's a lot we know...but it's also meant to be a complete Digital Marketing & Freelance Business Program. You LITERALLY, don't need anything {or anyone} else.
Do we sound arrogant? We're really not!!
About your CYLL Mentors
{from the desk of Julie}

The first time I met Madelaine, she was my client {true story}.
I'd had a lot of clients in similar industries as her, but never had I met someone so on the ball, together, and professional. We clicked immediately, and I could tell..she had skills I knew not of.

I helped her launch the BETA version of  what is now CYLL, and it was wildly successful because Madelaine just intuitively KNEW how to connect with people, help them feel heard, and deliver great content about all the nitty gritty details of business building.

She was {and still is} is a Virtual Executive Assistant who works with high-end clients in the Leadership Development Industry. When I say she is focused, dedicated, and detail oriented, I mean it. You should see her assign me tasks in Basecamp.

Madelaine started her Freelance business after her third major burn out before the age of 30. She was exhausted and miserable working a corporate career that was (in her eyes!) taking her nowhere (fun!). She realized that the ladder she was climbing was not on the right wall.

There are a lot of details to consider when starting up her freelance business: tracking finances, sorting out how to get ready for tax time, time management, automation processes, sorting out how to communicate with clients online. And what I noticed was how flippin' good at it she was. 

She almost made it fun?! What was this wizardry she performed?

Helping freelancers get a business set up professionally, and land their first clients exhilarates her. She's the kind of mentor who will cheer wildly when you take what she's taught you and go further than we even are right now. There's not a mean or competitive or slimy bone in this Canadian's body,  And she loves sharing her knowledge and experience with others in an authentic and professional way.

In her spare time Madelaine spends time focusing on her family - her husband Jarrett and their two corgis. Oh, and her garden.

Madelaine’s goal in life is NOT to have a Corporate career, or make 10 million dollars. Madelaine’s goal in life is to live a good life, work with great people, and have the time and energy to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Also, she bought me a new bra, sight unseen, in a wedding day emergency. You can trust a woman who can pull that off.
{from the desk of Madelaine}

Julie helps people build profitable businesses by giving them the tech & strategy they need to stand out online. Think growth-hacker-meets-coding-geek-wanna-be-topped-with-a-serious-case-of-design-addiction-and-marketing-OCD. And you should see her design a Sales Page live! Just sayin'. 

Julie’s clients are online entrepreneurs -  they build businesses from scratch, launch courses that sell, and create products and offers that are branded and designed to convert. Julie’s client work is top notch. With an astonishing array of talent {from copy to design to code to marketing strategy} she’s built a six figure business out of a blogging career that started over 5 years ago.

With a family of 6 to support, Julie knows how to hustle, find clients, do solid work, gain referrals….and train others to do the same. She runs a solid business that brings in well over 15k per month, all while wrangling 4 children and her own life with her new husband Alex. 

Her experience on the ground over the past 5 years is what makes her LOVE helping other freelancers achieve success. The freedom to raise her family in the way she wants, the financial security to support them, and her kick ass experience networking with and signing clients, give her PLENTY to talk about when she works with CYLL students.

Anyone would be lucky to have her for an hour. Having her online in a community plus twice monthly coaching calls over 4 months, is an opportunity second to none.
What Makes Create Your Laptop Life Different?
Basically, why not just a DIY course or 1:1 coaching?
Many business programs {not to diss anyone} are designed for coaches only. We want to specifically help people who are freelancers and digital marketers - those peeps who give their time and skills in exchange for cash.
It's the perfect combination of a DIY resource library of training, + live accountable coaching in a community. Trust us, the community is worth the price of the program alone. Imagine a kick ass course, coaching program, and job network, and wrap it ALL INTO ONE. That's CYLL.
Both mentors are STILL in their fields, not simply coaching.
You get 2 mentors, not one. And from different industries too.
You receive strategy, instruction & skills training. In theory, you could start this with NO idea what you wanted, and end up with a web design, digital marketing or VA business...and the skills to do it.
You can use it to get your business up and running, or overhaul an existing one. DIY programs are too at risk for accumulating dust, 1:1 programs are out of most people's budget.
Since we're both still "in the field" many of our members have received job opportunities that would not have happened outside the context of the program.
The reputation of a premier network known for helping people scale their businesses to $5k and beyond.
This is an ONLINE and REAL LIFE network. We meet twice a year, with all kinds of extra non-official meet-ups between members. The proof is in the pudding....
Well, here's a roster of some our past peeps we've worked with.
I left the corporate world exhausted, miserable, and burnt out from years of unpaid overtime, and countless hours wasting on the highway commuting. For years I had considered offering my unique skillset virtually; doing what I am proud of, what I am good at… and what I actually love doing. But with two small children, their well-being and family luxuries were driving forces, and I didn’t know whether being a VA would be lucrative enough to replace my corporate earnings. 

I evaluated my life after realizing I had 34 years left before retirement. 34 years…. I wasn’t even 34 years old! So, while my corporate job allowed us to afford our family vacations, fun day-trips, and countless lessons for our children – the ones I could get to, I never actually enjoyed in that moment… I was too busy being exhausted and relishing in the fact that I wasn’t at work (all the while, worrying about how much work was going to be waiting for me when I got back). My job got the best of me, and all that was left for my family was much less than what they deserved.

Now enter Julie and Madelaine. Joining their community, and enrolling in the CYLL Course was the best thing to happen to not only me, but my family as well. J&M instilled in me the confidence and support I needed to leave the corporate world behind, replacing that income by doing things I actually love doing, and not the “all other duties as assigned” I had become so accustomed to.  
My days no longer fly by, leaving me exhausted and miserable... instead, I finish each day feeling accomplished and pleased with what I have created. I see much more of my children, and can schedule my day around their talent shows, school trips, and lessons.
The private support group adds to the value of the course, and to the knowledge and support of Julie and Madelaine. It is about being a part of a community of other like-minded individuals, who help support, help guide, help console, and help fill the void of 'office chatter'. Sometimes, you just need a place to bounce ideas, and ask people for help! And this place offers that!
Stop counting down the days until retirement; join CYLL and start enjoying the work you do to earn your income. -Kelly A.
Julie did my first website when I started blogging years ago, and we became friends. When I wanted to start freelance, I emailed; I needed an updated site. She was coy as the CYLL program hadn’t launched yet, but she added me to the VA Lifestyle Mastermind Facebook Group, and then as if the Universe knew, the timing of the launch of CYLL class came. 

I was ready to start my Copywriting business. I was ready to make money online, from home, and I wanted to work with Julie to get there. Then I met Madelaine. I was doubly sold. In a webinar, Julie and Madelaine introduced the course. It was exhilarating. I think I was the first person to sign up. I heard Julie say “Oh, we have our first student, it’s Jenny!” And, I felt my world shift. 

Investing in CYLL was the best decision I made in years. Working with Julie and Madelaine, as well as a community of supportive peers, is only part of the advantage. The materials are invaluable. The knowledge: technical, marketing, business, and project management, among other things, is beyond compare. You will hit the ground running. You will find your niche. You will get clients. You will make money. 

I had my first client before the third class; one of my classmates, and then another. And we have continued to refer work to each other. You will build community with your fellow Virtual Assistants because our work is complementary. Give yourself this gift. It is invaluable. – Jenny K
So I got my first client task today. SUPER DUPER EXCITED! The surge of confidence that I have gained from being on this course is amazing. I feel like a "boss" already haha. I can really do this. For those of you who are on the fence about this course, let me tell you - I don't normally recommend online courses to anyone because they are usually crap. But these ladies KNOW what they are talking about. So thank you Julie Stoian and Madelaine Corke for coming into my life just when I needed you. - Christie I.
I first contacted Julie for web design and marketing advice. As a new copywriter, I was stuck on my branding, design, and direction. Julie not only helped me identify the perfect niche based on my portfolio and experience, she helped me create a web presence that has been a powerful help in converting new clients. In only two months, I have more than doubled my initial investment in her services. Thanks to Julie, I am working with fantastic clients in a career I love!
-Judy O.
I can attest that just the bonuses so far have been worth the cost of the course! I have seen programs similar but less personal to what Julie is providing go for the cost of the whole CYLL course so it is a deal! I can see that Julie and Madelaine really want to help us build successful businesses. They have given a ridiculous amount of time to us already and we haven't even gotten to the main course content. If you are ready to make a change, sign up for this course. I'm not saying it is easy. I'm a mom, I work full time, I volunteer...I have a lot on my plate and I have to make sacrifices to do this but I want to be able to make the things that are important to me a priority so I am on this journey and I know I am going to make the money back on this course in no time. 
- Tokeshia S.

Working with Julie and her courses took me from that very first step all the way to the last. Not only helping you find what the next step is, but step-by-step how to achieve it. Whether it is mindset or the actual technical nitty-gritty you will find it here. You could be just like me. It might just change your whole way of life!
– Rena M.
I joined Madelaine and Julie’s VA & Freelance Lifestyle Mastermind Facebook group because I wanted to explore the possibility of working from home. Create Your Laptop Life gave me the boost of confidence I needed to begin my own VA business. Madelaine and Julie held my hand every step of the way and gave me the exact blueprint I needed to start my business off on the right foot. I now have a legit business with paying clients. I liked Madelaine and Julie’s knowledgeable, straight-forward answers and their willingness to help solve any problem. The experience was 100% worth my time and money. I would recommend Create Your Laptop Life to anyone who wants to do just that, begin a journey to work from anywhere, anytime, and anyhow they desire. - Jessie V.
"I am a proud first-generation CYLL alum. At the start of taking Madelaine and Julie’s course I was just beginning to investigate being a VA (what is that??) and all that it entailed. One of the extras that CYLL can offer – that NO other course can – is the unique combination of interpersonal strategy and coaching with hands-on technical workshops. Through the CYLL course I discovered that I have a talent for the design side of life, leveraging the video trainings to jump start my business. Throughout it all Madelaine was always there for me, to jump on Skype and encourage me to value myself and my talent more than I did. Julie took hands-on training to a whole new level, using real-life problems her students ran into as teaching examples and problem-solving all in one. Through my work with Madelaine and Julie I have raised my rates (twice!), found my niche and acquired invaluable support and training not available anywhere else." - Sarah K.
From a member who got a job directly
because of the reputation of CYLL
What you do with us in the year...vs. a freelance job for the next 2...5...10 years?
What do you think a full business setup program like CYLL is worth?
1:1 Coaching programs {with 1 coach} can start at...$3k and go up.
Pricing out a website can run you...$1000-$3000.
{CYLL teaches you how to DIY}
The skills training in CYLL are worth...$500  - $5k a month and beyond
{These skills can be used for YOUR business, but also can be used to make money}
The Bonuses alone are worth...
over $2500.

All that said...we still want to make it affordable,
and a wise investment for anyone just starting out.
SAVE $167
  • Four Core Course Modules
  • 8 Skills Training Classes
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Live Weekly Group Coaching
  • Intimate Focus Group Placement
  • Job Opps for CYLL Members
  • Toolkit and Swipe Files
  • Four Figure Facebook Marketing Formula
  • Sign a Client in 30
  • The Happy Freelancer
Per Month
  • Four Core Course Modules
  • 8 Skills Training Classes
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Live Weekly Group Coaching
  • Intimate Focus Group Placement
  • Job Opps for CYLL Members
  • Toolkit and Swipe Files
  • Four Figure Facebook Marketing Formula
  • Sign a Client in 30
  • The Happy Freelancer
What the FAQ?
All the questions we KNOW you have
I'm in business already. Why do I need a start up VA/Freelance Coaching Network?
Because even those who are making money, start making MORE. We're high end VA coaches who pull in six figures - just direct in client work, and can help you get out of your own to do that too. We also provide you with skills training that can help you raise your rates and scale your business.
Is it lifetime access?
No. It's a yearly membership. You can pre-pay for the full year ahead and save $167, or you can pay month to month for $97.
What if we don't have any skills to market yet?
That's okay! We look for an APTITUDE and a HUNGER for learning. That goes a long long way. And who knows, you might discover a talent you didn't know you had!
Do you help us find work?
Whenever we can, yes. We run into clients all the time who need freelancers. And we love to tag you in posts. Finally, we're building a business-side matching program that will hopefully make more work come your way. But, most importantly, we teach you how to find and book yourself solid!
Why is it so much more expensive than other freelance training programs?
Ironically, it's one of the LEAST expensive entrepreneurial coaching and business programs that provide live coaching support. But you're right, it's expensive compared to other bootcamps. Because we're better than them all. We know how to earn MAD money. We know how to train you. And we have a fierce reputation that means, your earning potential is much higher than if you bought an out-of-the-box bootcamp that doesn't include the breadth of skills training we offer, nor the opportunity for weekly live coaching and small focus groups.
This is the part where you have to make a choice. 
Are you going to stay where you are, and wonder what "could have been"?

You can't get somewhere new if you continue the same thing you've always done.
The choices you made yesterday are being lived out today.

The primary reason people say no to something like this is because of...
FEAR of failure.
eew. but it's true.
So let's solve this right now.

"What's failure look like to you?" 

At the end of your time with us, you'll have a new {or better} business, offers & services, marketing skills, tech skills, a community, two mentors in your corner, and new networking opportunities.

That is a 100% GUARANTEE.

Are you going to count it as failure if it takes you longer than you want
to get your first client?
Are you going to count it as failure if you don't make the investment back in two weeks, but it takes six months?
Are you going to count it as failure if you get the business off the ground and in one year, decide to change course and revamp again?

Do businesses open up and expect to pay off their business loan
with grand opening day sales?

Failure is an illusion.
It's a weazly little SOB that keeps you stale, stagnant, and afraid.

And in most cases...completely made up.

Because even when things don't go EXACTLY as we want,
it's still a rung in our ladder of success.

So Dream Big. You don’t have to settle. 

You can stay where you are, you can work for someone else so they can grow wealthy and free...or you can do it for yourself. 

We want to help you get there.

Consider this our formal invite to YOU for our
freelancin' sisterhood of fear-crushing awesomeness.

Too much?

We're just really passionate, having the time of our lives, and can't wait to share it with more powerhouse women who won't let fear hold them back.
SAVE $167
  • Four Core Course Modules
  • 8 Skills Training Classes
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Live Weekly Group Coaching
  • Intimate Focus Group Placement
  • Job Opps for CYLL Members
  • Toolkit and Swipe Files
  • Four Figure Facebook Marketing Formula
  • Sign a Client in 30
  • The Happy Freelancer
Per Month
  • Four Core Course Modules
  • 8 Skills Training Classes
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Live Weekly Group Coaching
  • Intimate Focus Group Placement
  • Job Opps for CYLL Members
  • Toolkit and Swipe Files
  • Four Figure Facebook Marketing Formula
  • Sign a Client in 30
  • The Happy Freelancer

If you need to talk to a LIVE person, you can reach Madelaine at 1 (902) 880 2737.
will help you create and enjoy a life and business you’ll love!
xx Madelaine & Julie